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Zoono is a New Zealand company that specialises in the development, manufacture and global distribution of environmentally friendly long-lasting antimicrobial products.


Zoono technology works differently to other anti-microbial products as it delivers a physical kill against pathogens, similar to a pin popping a balloon and is designed to form an antimicrobial protection barrier on surfaces, skin and textiles and protects for extended periods, in the case of skin protection up to 24 hours, surfaces up to 30 days and fabrics up to 100 washes.


Zoono, unlike other products, is only active when dry, other products are only effective when wet.


Zoono has been tested extensively globally, more than 150 independent test results, and has shown to be effective against Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, Mould and Algae, testing is conducted in independent 3rd party laboratories.


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31 E Hannigan Drive,
St Johns
Auckland 1072
New Zealand


Tel:              +6421659977

Email:        info@zoono.com

Website:  www.zoonosaudiarabia.com