Location: Main Plenary Hall – Monday 15th October – 01:55 PM – 02:55 PM

Workshop Stream 3:Whole-room disinfection in conjunction with existing cleaning practices is a viable solution to the manual cleaning challenges hospitals worldwide face today


In this workshop, Nevoa Inc. shares their insights on how to incorporate a new automated disinfection technology, called Nimbus, into existing cleaning and disinfection protocols successfully. Since room turnaround time must create a balance with effectiveness, Nevoa has launched its new EPA-registered hospital grade hypochlorous-acid disinfecting system that completely disinfects hard surfaces in a standard hospital room in an average 30-minute cycle. The Nimbus system atomizes a dense fog of the Microburst disinfectant solution, ensuring that every surface in the room is disinfected without line of site or human error challenges that can exist with other methods. “Nothing hides from Nimbus”.

Presented by

Ernest Cunningham, President, Nevoa