Nduku Ndunda

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    Associate Director Medical & Scientific Affairs Global at QIAGEN
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Location: Breakout Hall – Tuesday 16th October – 10:50 AM – 11:50 AM

Workshop Stream 2: Role of QuantiFERON Gold Plus in Tuberculosis infection prevention and control




Tuberculosis continues to be the leading cause of death, illness and suffering globally. In order to wipe

out this epidemic we have to priorities key populations, that are at increased risk for infection and

transmission by improving infection control practises.


Benefits of Attending

Healthcare workers are at 2- to 5-fold increased risk of developing latent TB infection compared with the

general population. Migrants also suffer from a disproportionate number of cases of latent and active



In this workshop we will understand what measures can be applied to achieve the new goal of WHO for

TB – “End TB Strategy!”


Understand the importance, and how, can we screen high risk populations like healthcare workers and

migrants in low burden countries.


The importance of Interferon Gamma Release Assay as a tool for Latent TB screening and infection

control and prevention


Brief Summary of Content

  • Importance of Healthcare Workers screening
  • Tuberculosis control at mass gatherings and congregate settings
  • Role of QuantiFERON Gold Plus in infection control and prevention


Presented By

Dr. Eskild Petersen, Senior Consultant

Nduku Ndunda, Associate Director Medical and Scientific Affairs, QIAGEN