Michael Rollins

About the Speaker
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    Consultant Healthcare Environment Infection Prevention, UK

Location: Breakout Hall – Tuesday 16th October – 12:50 PM – 01:50 PM

Workshop 4: Breaking the chain of Infection in the Environment of care. Challenges & Solutions



The healthcare environment poses multiple challenges in mitigating infection risk. Surfaces, water, air, biofilm, waste, construction and extraordinary events – e.g. MERS CoV surge demand on facilities. Evidence of risk factors and mitigation will be presented, including examples of practical solutions for infection preventionists and leadership of the environmental support services.



Benefit of Attending

A review of environmental research identifying the current and emerging risks of infection from the built environment.

  • Examples of remedial and case studies from UK, UAE and KSA
  • Identification of priority areas for Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA).
  • Quality Improvement and challenges to be overcome to achieve successful implementation.
  • Team building an expanded infection prevention team to include front line cleaning staff and maintenance engineers.



Brief Summary of Content

  • Identification of environmental risk factors and guidance for proactive risk mitigation
  • Examples of Practical steps for Performance and Quality Improvement (EQIP Programme).
  • Emergency preparedness, MERS CoV lessons learned.
  • Environmental Support Services and Engineering – Training, competency and compliance


Presented By:

Michael Rollins, Consultant Healthcare Environment Infection Prevention


Speaker Profile:

Michael is an independent consultant specialising in invalidation and implementation of healthcare hygiene technology, environmental Infection prevention and integration with patient safety quality improvement initiatives.


Background in design and Healthcare International marketing, visual communications and training.


Michael Joined UCLH Infection Directorate in 2004 as Project manager for Dept of Health commissioned Research studies into emerging cleaning technologies).  Study of enhanced patient environment cleaning and impact on HCAI within the ICU.


Sponsored R&D studies include Investigation of novel antimicrobial compounds; Enhanced hygiene surface modification; Validation of proprietary dry steam vapour tools designed for healthcare applications. Validation of automated hand hygiene technology.


Michael is an active member of the Infection Prevention Society UK, Patron of the National Association of Healthcare Cleaning professionals (AHCP) UK and member of the Education and Training advisory group.


Michael is also an Associate Subject Matter Specialist (Environmental Infection Prevention) for Nahdat al Tamayuz, Healthcare Professional training and development company, Abu Dhabi, UAE, and Environmental Education Excellence Ltd, Training company UK.