Andreas Voss

Location: Breakout Hall – Monday 15th October – 01:55 PM – 02:55 PM

Workshop 4: Molecular Testing at Point-of-Care: The Case for Diagnostics to Better Direct Therapy


Antimicrobial resistance is a huge global health issue and contributes significantly to patient mortality and rising healthcare costs across the world. This workshop will show the opportunities of Molecular Testing at Point-of-Care with a focus on Influenza & RSV and the benefits of a targeted therapy.
Benefits of Attending
• Get a deeper knowledge about the use of antibiotics and the development of resistant bacteria
• Learn that the misuse of antibiotics can lead to other medical issues
• Gain information of the benefits of Point-of-Care testing for targeted treatment
• Get an overview on Molecular POC Testing compared to other Diagnostic methods
• Understand the opportunities for respiratory and enteric diagnostics
Brief Summary of Content
• Introduction to Antibiotic use and development of resistant bacteria
• Overview on Diagnostics options for viral infections
• Molecular Testing at Point-of-Care for Influenza and RSV
• Reduce overuse of unnecessary antibiotics with appropriate POC diagnostics
• Knowing now matters™ in Clostridium difficile
Presented By
Dipl. Biol. Andreas Voss, Abbott