Harbor Innovations

MICROBES BEWARE: Hospitals have a new weapon in the battle against Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs).


Harbor Innovations is the developer of FLOORX, a new innovative device crucial in a hospital’s fight against surface contamination. FLOORX is a super-thin UV-C generated sanitizing station for foot traffic, using LED’s latest technology to kill over 94% of harmful pathogens in just 10 seconds!


FLOORX does not only combat HAIs, but it’s also designed with a patented, cloud-based operating platform. FLOORX records staff compliance and overall usage, arming hospitals with real-time data to support hospital analytics on foot traffic.


Employing FLOORX in your hospital will help you save lives and money!


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15 East 32nd Street,

4th Floor,

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Tel      :  1-800-792-3559

Email:  floorxinfo@harborinnovations.com